How can a media savvy mogul like Steve Jobs make such a big blunder?

Upset over the pending publication of an unauthorized biography is about to hit the shelves, he ordered his Appple stores to not only not stock that book, but toss out all the books from the publisher, John Wiley & Sons. (Disclaimer: John Wiley has published many of my books.)

The banning is now a media event, exactly the kind of think Jobs would have wanted to occur. Censorship, it appears, is still a reviled process in this country.

The news lead the front page of the business section of the New York Times, which means that the article will be available for reprinting in hundreds of newspapers that subscribe to its syndicated articles.

To add insult to injury, the article quotes bookstore manager saying he had increased his order from 5 measly copies to 25 copies because of the increased interest.


There you go, Steve. Instead of letting a bio that appears to be little more than a rehash of old stories die a boring death, you just might have turned it into a blockbuster.

Or was that your plan all along?