I’ve noticed there are several types of blogs and bloggers:

Thinkers — the highest form of blogging. These people offer new ideas and perspectives that serve to inspire us all.

Linkers — they can’t think, but they sure can research! Their blogs are full of links to thinkers. They serve a valuable function in spreading the work of people whose words deserve to be read.

Blingers — they use the blogs as personal mirrors, to say “Blogger, blogger on the wall, who is fairest blogger of all? They’ll talk about their accomplishments, people they’ve met and places they are jetiting off to speak at. No real substance, just lots of bling. Sort of like, “Hi. My name is Debbie. While you are reading this, I am off to a blogging conference in Sweden See you later.”

Activists –(sorry, I can’t get this to rhyme) they use the blog as personal soap box. Right or left, they have proven to be very effective at mobilizing their supports to action and forcing government officials to take notice. Even journalists read these blogs to get a take of the public sentiment barometer.

What other kinds of bloggers have you seen? You get extra credit if your title rhymes with mine!

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
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