Video press releases and video training are the hot marketing tools this year.

David Barrett offers these solutions to help you provide great training and save money!
1. Keep your videos short. People won’t spend one hour to view your video.
2. The length will vary by your purpose.
3. A commercial or quick tip can take 2-5 minutes or even less.
4. A training session shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes.

Posting video files takes up a lot of space with your Internet Service Provider and you could find that you are spending a small fortune to have them host your files. Fortunately, Audio Acrobat lets you host your files for just $20 a month for an unlimited number of files. That should save you a lot of money. Of course, you’ll pay a fee each time your visitors view a video, but you’d have to pay your ISP for that anyway.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
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