Why do some people get tons of publicity and some people barely scrape by?

I’m firmly convinced that people who are more intuitive find more opportunities with PR LEADS. After all, I’ve seen people with the same backgrounds and interests have great results and bad results — the leads don’t change — but people’s attitudes toward these opportunities do.

Learn how to increase your intuition in finding leads and in working with reporters on our next teleseminar with Lynn Robinson, author of Trust Your Gut: How the Power of Intuition Can Grow Your Business.

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Lynn Robinson has made a national name for herself by helping businesses get more business via the power of intuition.

Now she’s going to help you get valuable results, every time, from every interview you give to a reporter.

What’s the big deal with interviews? A bad one can hurt you. Or at the very least, not help. But a good one can mean business. Fast.

Lynn will share tips from her latest book, “TRUST YOUR GUT: How the Power of Intuition Can Grow Your Business.” (Which sold out its first printing last week within one day of it’s release!)

You’ll learn how to detect, hear, and gain confidence in your intuition.

And specifically, how to create positive results – and gain new business – from every interview you give to a reporter.

Don’t miss this powerful, lively and informative, one-hour teleseminar.

You can attend the teleseminar live at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time on Monday, October 30, 2006. You can attend as my guest!

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