Congratulations to Kristin Arnold and Mitch Gooze, who are both quoted on the front page of USA TODAY today.

They were both clearly identified by what they do and where they live. So anyone could find them with a little help from Google!

This isn’t the first time a PR LEADER has been on the front page of the nation’s largest newspaper. Arlene Vernon was featured as well

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Congratulations also to new PR LEADER Paul Vann, who writes:

On February 15, I submitted my expert topics (workplace issues, diversity, defense, leadership, peak performance, etc.), profile to you.

Proof of the power of PR Leads rest in the results. Since Port Security was the hot issue a week ago, my first week results read as follows:

NewsRadio 600 WREC Memphis, TN Talk Radio – Interview on Port Security
1550 WNTN Radio, Boston, MA – Interview on Port Security
San Bernadino Sun Newspaper – Published my workplace article on “Managing Up”

The proof is in the results, thanks for this outstanding service.
Paul Lawrence Vann
Motivational Speaker and Author

Thanks, Paul!

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
PR LEADS Expert Resource Network