Q. Who is the intended audience?
A. This book is for people who feel like they are not as young as they used to be. Stiffness, pain, and lack of energy keep them from activities or feeling as good as they remember. Most people over 40 fall in this category, but younger people who’ve been injured can benefit, too. If you are willing to spend five minutes a day on simple exercise that can be done most anywhere, this book will help restore lost vitality.

Q. What is the book about?
A. This exercise guide teaches how to keep your body fluid with undulation, a smooth motion. The 52 exercises are unique: they build balanced strength and flexibility, rehydrate the discs between the vertebrae, and restore function to stuck joints, which creates a healthier spine.

The Beginning Undulations (including Easy Sway and Happy Dog) are intended to wake up inactive muscles, so the body becomes aware of what it’s been missing. The Intermediate Exercises (such as Mermaid and Tailbone Penmanship) build on the basics and use more imaginative movements. The Advanced Undulations (Snake Charmer and Caressed by Waves, for example) get even more playful, and the Mastery Exercises are innovative explorations into the spine (culminating in Old Faithful).

Q. Why are you the best person to write this book?
A. I’ve developed undulation as an easy, stand alone exercise that takes only five minutes a day. Many of my clients aren’t up for yoga or Pilates, so I’ve taken the essential fluid building component of exercise and created something new that anybody can do.

As a Structural Integrator, I focus on helping my clients regain lost function. Many are injured, so I’ve written a book with a therapeutic focus.

We often think that easy movements aren’t as beneficial as hard ones. However, I’ve learned that what feels good is often the road to healing.

Q. How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A. Although the undulation movement is inherent in other movement forms like yoga and dance, it’s not given the spotlight in any other book. Most exercise alternates between building strength and then stretching to create flexibility. Undulation works on both at once.

Also, undulation movements are very small. Some of the exercises can be done while you’re around other people and no one will even notice. These tiny, slow movements target the tiny stabilizing muscles that many other forms of exercise ignore. Undulations literally bring fluid to places in the body that have been immobilized or dehydrated.

Q. Is there anything else we should know about this book?

A. The book is available in both a printed and an audio version. The printed version is Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young Again with Undulation and the audio version is Undulation Exercises. Both were written by Anita Boser, LMP, CHP with the Foreword by Mary Bond and the Introduction by Roger Golten.

Both have easy-to-follow and encouraging instructions. The printed version includes photographs of regular people doing the exercises. On the audio version, the exercises are set to inspiring music.