Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: The intended audience for Embrace Ultra-Ability is conscious people who seek spiritually rich and rewarding lives, whose desires for goodness span more than self-interest. They want to embrace spirituality to not only love the lives they live but to make a positive difference to fellow creations.

The readers are spiritual to start with and want to embrace more. They are truly serious in using spirituality to bring more good to themselves and others. True self-empowerment starts within, so they have to have the desire deep in their hearts before they can expand on their spirituality to achieve greatness.

People with disabilities and health conditions will also find this book of interest. It will lift their spirits and make them see their limitations not as roadblocks but as exercising machines for their spirits. Their perception and attitude toward life will brighten, and that, in turn, will brighten their future and touch others in wonderful ways.

Q: What is the book about?
A: How would you like to turn your disability into ultra-ability to welcome a truly fulfilling life? This book gently yet powerfully empowers you to accept the wondrous jewels God abundantly offers and helps you use the gifts wisely. Readers will learn how to create an essential spiritual foundation for a truly successful life, limit their limitations to achieve greatness, maximize time usage and avoid time wasters, effectively conquer and prepare for challenges and negativity, win with positivity, establish and go for their gold medals in life.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: I am a blind and physically disabled individual who has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges by embracing a life of spiritual riches. Coming out of fiery oceans and thorny jungles as a winner, I will be able not only tell but show readers effective ways to overcome everyday challenges. I am a living proof what real success is all about–what life is all about–and how to achieve true happiness. Who else is a better person to write about winning and overcoming all odds than a victor who has climbed high mountains and crossed deep oceans?

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: This book is different from other books in this subject area mainly because it was written, formatted, and published by a blind and physically disabled person, whose own experiences serve as inspiration throughout the book. All the topics covered in Embrace Ultra-Ability! come from the author’s own life experiences. She has been there, done that, and she knows what is effective for true bliss and what you should stay far away from.

This book is also written from a devout Christian’s perspective, and therefore, touches upon the importance of faith in God. The author owes her successes and happiness to God, and all the treasures He has abundantly bestowed upon her. Yet, her invincible faith and Christian mentions in this book will not deter people of other faiths from still embracing her messages of essential values and enjoying her lyrical but powerful writing.

Q: Is there anything else We Should Know About This Book?
A: Embrace Ultra-Ability! is a finalist in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Motivational category.

Embrace Ultra-Ability! has received many 5-star reviews, including the following:

“If there is ever to be a poster person for people with ultra-abilities, it would have to be twenty-four-year-old Shirley Cheng. The author has turned her disabilities into an ultra-ability and written the awe-inspiring Embrace Ultra-Ability! Cheng’s slim but power-packed motivational guide delivers what it promises with its wisdom, insights, and motivation. It is a volume to be read, re-read, and treasured for its originality, readability, and courageous approach to dealing with life’s adversities, and from an individual who has had far more than her fair share of them.

“Cheng is a first-class role model for taking the cards one is dealt in life and turning them into a winning hand.

“With typical humility she refers to her volume as only a basic guidebook. But it is a guidebook full of sage advice, helpful exercises, common sense analyses, and tough love prescriptions…” –M. Wayne Cunningham, ForeWord CLARION Reviews

“each teenager should be given this book in high school as a basis from which to build their values, morals and gratitude toward life. I honor her endurance and envy her strength.” –Trish Lay, Life/Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author

“a powerful book that demonstrates a spiritual insight I have not seen in a person as young as she is. I highly recommend this book for those seeking ways to embrace every aspect of their lives and develop them to serve others.” -Rowena Holloway, Ordained Lay Minister, Speaker, Co-Author of the Pray it Forward Trilogy

“…very effective and empowering in teaching positive affirmations, self-confidence, self-love and true sight.” –Dorothy Lafrinere,

“Shirley Cheng’s vibrant prose refreshes the soul. Her positive message of hope and love has universal appeal.” —The Rebecca Review, Top Ten Reviewer

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