art note cardsI love writing on computers. It seems as if I think with my fingers. Nevertheless, there’s a beauty, simplicity and elegance to writing on index cards.

1. You can rearrange the cards to suit you new ways of thinking as new ideas pop up
2. You can arrange thoughts into chapters, subchapters and sections
3. You can easily move one card to a new place in the order
4. You can use different colored cards to clearly ID different topics
5. You can put them on the floor
6. You can put them on the wall
7. You can put them on a white board
8. You can stick each one on a specific page in a book so you remember where the idea came from
9. You can put the name of the source and page number or link on each card so you can find information and sources easily.
10. You are closer to the info when you write it rather than type it. You have to think differently when you use your hands to write than to type.

Try it and let me know what you think!