Frankly, I’d like to throw Khloe, Snooki and the desperate Housewives of New Jersey under a bus.

But it seems like everyone wants to be a Reality TV star. If that’s in your plan, consider these look-good/feel-good tips from Billy Lowe, celebrity hairstylist and longtime PR LEADS client who is now offering beauty services to Reality TV wannabees:

1: Lighten up. You’ve got to know your content, and you have to be comfortable in your own shoes. I remember my first reality auditions and I was like “Ok, tell me about your hair.” Today I look back at the innocence and sweetheart personality I had going into reality television and while that works for some segments, reality loves drama. Nice may cut it for an ensemble cast but if you want to carry your own segments, you have to be sharp, quick witted, and have a sense of humor (even if it’s making fun of yourself). People that are their true, authentic selves are truly the most beautiful. It shows in their confidence, the way they carry themselves, and their overall look.

2: Have your own identity. What sets you apart? Do you have a hairstyle that’s your own? Do you accessorize a certain way that no one else does? No one can mistake the blonde ambition of Tabatha or the 6-foot something RuPaul. These are identity pieces that set you apart from the crowd; a saying, a look, a color, a sense of self. Too many people believe casting directors know what they are looking for, when in fact most of them don’t. It’s what casting calls are all about. They’ll know the role – when they meet YOU. So be yourself, bring your identity, and look the role.

3: Get a good night’s sleep. When you’re tired, it shows. Skin is lifeless, discolored, and you’re often running frantic with no time or energy to perfect your hair or make-up. Furthermore, you’ll get to the audition or meeting and feel tired or exhausted from not having had enough sleep and you simply won’t be your best. Or if you’ve already booked the gig, there’s nothing worse than getting on camera with dark circles or puffiness under the eyes and all the Preparation H in the world won’t shrink that swelling in time. With thousands of potentials watching your show or your segment – you have to be on your game.

Billy knows what he’s talking about. His celebrity clients have included Ellen DeGeneres, Katherine McPhee and many, many others. If you’re in LA, be sure to get styled by Billy before your audition! If you think you have what it takes for reality television and are looking for a seasoned expert to show you the way,

visit or call 310-430-4045 for more information.