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When you hear “Just Do It”, you probably conjure up images of Nike’s swoosh. Taglines capture a company’s essence, mission and style in one clever little phrase. The have become an invaluable public relations tool for concisely communicating critical business information and developing brand and name recognition. Taglines often accompany a logo to emphasize a particular aspect of the message, a company is attempting to convey. Taglines can also provide a theme upon which marketing and public relation campaigns are built. In this case, all oral and written communications for your company or organization should reflect the tagline’s message. For instance, many people believe the martial arts is just about punching and kicking, so in order to enhance my client’s image, I developed their new marketing campaign and tagline entitled: Making an Impact. All press releases demonstrated how Chirico’s School of Karate made an impact on its students’ lives, such as how they train a student with Down Syndrome, and how the martial arts can reduce stress and increase productivity at school, at work and in the personal lives of martial art practitioners.

When developing your company or organization’s tagline, originality is crucial to its effectiveness. Today’s consumers are wading through piles of promotional clutter and businesses are fighting to distinguish themselves from one another. Creating the right tagline can take your business to the next level and motivate current and potential customers to choose you over competitors. Below are some additional tips, which should help you in the development of your tagline and the message you want to convey.

Know your target:

Understanding the needs of your target audience aids in defining the task of tagline development. Identify items of importance to your target and rank them in their order of substance. Use the top priority items to begin your tagline development

Establish your goal:

Define the concept you wish to support or establish. Define the desired image or outcome you wish to create


Write a list of words/phrases that convey the concept you wish to communicate. Look up each word in the dictionary, watching for uses of the word in different contexts; follow cross-references to other words; write everything down. Use the resulting list to spawn new and refreshing ideas. Then narrow the list to a select few, and begin to distill each phrase to its purest form. Try various literary techniques like rhyming or alliteration.

Support your theme or visual:

Continue your brainstorming efforts to include words/phrases that connect with your logo or the visual you are using.

Distill your message:

Simplicity adds power. People remember the simplest and catchiest slogans. Communicate your messages quickly, and use active verbs.

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