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There’s nothing like getting some major publicity

to make sales soar for whatever you’re promoting.


In the publishing world, an appearance on a top

national TV show like Oprah, Today, Good Morning

America, The View or article in major publication

like Time, Newsweek, People or the New York Times,

can propel a book to the bestseller list almost



But scoring publicity hits in major media outlets

like those isn’t easy.


There is however one big secret, which if you know

and use it, dramatically increases your chances of

getting coverage in the biggest magazines,

newspapers and radio/TV shows across the country.


No, the secret isn’t about writing the world’s

greatest press release or press kit.


No, the secret also isn’t about having a great

publicity idea or hook (though that’s important too).


Nor is the secret about hiring a high-priced

PR firm (though every top publicist knows and

practices the secret).


In fact, the chances are good nobody has ever told

you about the secret — but once you understand and

put it to work, you’ll find it much easier to get

big-time media coverage.


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