Premise: Buy 100 links for $100 and get better listings on Google.
Truth-o-meter: False.

Discussion: You get an email that offers you the “opportunity” to buy 100 links from other web sites for $100 and the promise that the more links you have posted on your website, the better rankings you’ll get on Google.

Sounds like a low-cost way to get great visibility.



Google decides where to rank your site based on hundreds of factors. The links pointing to your site are one such factor. However, they rate the quality of those links. If you have quality links, you get brownie points from Google. If you have garbage links – and Google knows which links are good and which links are bad – then Google doesn’t count them.

Related Item: Don’t engage in link exchanges with unknown site owners. No money changes hands in this deal, but you won’t get better listings on Google, either. Don’t waste your time. However, if one of your networking partners offers an exchange – in other words – someone you know and trust – then you might consider exchanging links.
Bottom Line: Don’t waste your money buying links.