Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: Many people have experienced adversity and, like myself, are more feeling than thinking types. Most self-help books focus on the thinking rather than the learning how to navigate the feelings of life, leaving people wondering how to let go. The Feeling Soul solves that problem by showing you what emotions are, how to healthily express emotion and then to deeply heal and move forward in life.

Benefits will come from reading The Feeling Soul to people who are finding themselves stuck, wondering how they got to where they are, and wondering how to gain insight and understanding of themselves. They will benefit by being more aware and present and free of triggers from the past.

Q: What is the book about?
A: The Feeling Soul helps us to understand where our feelings and habits come from. Then based on this understanding, the book gives practical guidance and coaching going on beyond that to healing and moving forward. Mark shows that focusing on gratitude, compassion and empathy can help people recover from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments.

It is a thinking, feeling, and doing book, demonstrating that a new life can be learned. The Feeling Soul encourages, supports and uplifts people to rise above their adversity and negativity to learn a better way to deal with life. Drawing on countless personal experiences, Mark shares from his heart, providing clear and heartfelt understanding, practical advice and workable solutions on how to get unstuck and make changes to create a more centered self.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: Experience is the best teacher. As a young child and into early adulthood I experienced a significant amount of adversity. I learned at an early age to cope by stuffing my feelings down. Later in life I found I was isolated, easily upset, often near tears, and fearful of expressing myself. At various times in my life, I tried an antidepressant only to find that side effects were intolerable. Then when the medication was stopped, the troubling feelings returned.

My personal growth and journey of self discovery came from hard work and facing painful emotions that eventually gave way to mental health and joy. Through the natural wisdom of mind, body, and spirit, my body did what it does naturally – heal!

Many people don’t realize that tears and laughter are a natural part of the body’s healing system. There are more than 70 chemicals in an emotional tear. They are not present when you cry when cutting or peeling an onion. When you cry, the body is physically cleansing itself. By learning to work through emotions I was truly able to let go.

I realized that I have very specific and practical knowledge that I can share with others to help them in their journey. I discovered the key to mental health is tears, laughter and creativity. I wanted others to experience themselves without emotional pain.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?

A: Three psychics told me to write the book The Feeling Soul – A Roadmap to Healing and Living at a psychic fair in one day, I thought it was a pretty good indication. I never got good grades from my English teachers, so I had to put a lot of fear thoughts away and the writing just flowed out of me. The outcome has been very, very positive. Many people have thanked me for being so open, and readers realize that they’re normal, and they can get better and become happier.