Chapter 1: Stop Lying to Yourself

Two Kinds of Lies

Don’t Lie to Yourself

The “I’m a Best-Seller” Lie

The “Everyone Needs My Stuff” Lie

The “If I Could Get on Oprah, I Could Make a Fortune” Lie

The “I Can Do It All Myself” Lie

So You Want to Be an Author!

So You Want to Be a Coach!

What it Takes to Build a Business with Internet Marketing

Essential “Do’s” That Will Improve Your Chance for Success

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

Chapter 2:  Scams

The Scammers Blueprint

You Know They Are Lying to You When They…

The Big Con

Is the Person Truly an Expert in that Field?

The “You Can’t Afford NOT to Buy My Product “ Scam

The “Overpriced Services” Scam

The “Link Buying Scam”

The “Amazon Best Seller Campaign” Scam

Chapter 3: Lies

The “This Program Is Push-Button Easy” Lie

The “This Book/Course/Program/Software/ Can Change Your Life” Lie

The “Girlfriend, You Need My Info-Product” Lie

The “I Can Turn Your Book into a Best Seller” Lie

The “Pitch Fests Masquerading as Educational Seminars” Lie

The “Sales Pitch That Starts with a Snail Mail Letter and Invites You to Dinner in a Hotel” Lie

The “Save Money By Hiring Offshore Workers” Lie

The “Hire Cheap Overseas Help to Edit Your Book” Lie

The “Marketing Programs from Publishers” Lie

The “Four-Hour Work Week” Myth

The “Throw Up a Website and People Will Come” Lie

The “You Are Too Stupid to Create a Website” Lie

The “Websites Are Expensive” Lie

The “Webmasters Are Masters of the Universe” Lie

The “Books Will Make You Rich” Lie

The “We Had So Many Callers, The System Crashed!” Lie

The “Oops, I Sent the Wrong Link” Lie

The “It’s Easy to Create Content” Lie

The “You Must Buy Every Version of Your Domain Name” Conundrum and the “Chinese Domain Name” Scam

Chapter 4: What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Marketing Tactics & Business Plans

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Spam You Receive

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Spam You Send

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Internet Radio

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Client Lists

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Viral Marketing

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Book Trailers

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Finding Affiliates to Sell Your Products

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Distributing Video on Hundreds of Video Sites

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Membership Programs

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Facebook Ads

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Teleseminars and Webinars

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Telesummits

What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Publicity

BONUS BOOK: How to Build an Ethical Internet Business

Chapter 1: The Inner Game of Internet Marketing

The Internet Marketing Blueprint

Stay Focused

Take Action

Keep It Simple

Truths about Internet Marketing

Small Steps Lead to Big Change

You Score Runs with Lots of Singles

Friendly Advice

Code of Ethics

Chapter 2: The Internet Marketing Blueprint:  Tactics that Work – If You Do the Work

The Funnel or Pipeline Theory of Riches

Your Book Is a Big Business Card

The List Will Make You Rich

Word of Mouth Marketing


Client Lists

Email Marketing


Make Money While You Sleep



Anthology Books

Google Ads

Teleseminars and Webinars

Guest Blogging and Article Marketing

Publicity: Earned Media

Publicity and SEO

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Testing, A/B Split Testing

Landing Page and Email Follow Up

Light Boxes

Social Media

How to Hire a Service Provider