Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: The intended audience – mystery/suspense readers. All the better if the reader enjoys golf but certainly not necessary.

Q: What is the book about?
A: The story follows PGA tour leader, Reid Clark, down to the Masters where on the last day of the tournament he receives a death threat. He then has to deal with the angst of more threats as he goes to NY to prepare for and play in another tournament. Good food, cigars and a little romance fill the pages making the book a fun summer read.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: After a high school and college life of competitive sports, I know the ins and outs of many games. I was able to combine my passion for sports and mysteries to create Sudden Death, the first book in my Deadly Sports Mysteries series.

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?

A: While there are many non-fiction How To books on golf, there are very few mysteries. Sudden Death’s story is unique.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?
A: I received some strong reviews from a few of the masters.

James Patterson said, “You like golf, you like murder mysteries – – then Sudden Death is your book!”

Clive Cussler said, “Pure fun, pure intrigue. The action never stops till a fascinating climax!”

The Foundation, the second book in my series is being edited now as is The Fix, a college football gambling novel that I’m writing along with ESPN Anchor, Ryan Burr.