Home sales in my area are finally up.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the price of homes sold is down.

Actually, that is good news.

It means that the economy is moving  – free market capitalism has reset the price of homes where I live.

The reset doesn’t apply just to homes.

My wife and I went into Bloomingdales a few weeks ago to take advantage of a sale. We walked into atrium in the women’s section where the expensive handbags are displayed. In years past, we gawked at the multi-thousand dollar price tags on those bags. This year, the same brands were there, but the prices of the bags were in the low hundreds, not the thousands of dollars. No, we didn’t buy anything. It was another example of the great reset-sion.

Every high school student knows that price is a meeting of supply and demand.

So why are so many coaches raising their prices?  And urging their clients to do the same? Don’t they know about the world we live in?

That’s why I’m keeping my coaching and consulting prices firm. I’d rather know that I’m helping more people at a fair rate than squeezing every last penny from them.

In the past week, I’ve been able to help several people who have generously written:

“Dan’s coaching helped me get a reality check on what works in today’s marketplace. I now have a more realistic game plan.”

Bruce Freeman
ProLine Communications

“Dan, your coaching and advising has truly added to the growth of my public relations campaign. You are a true partner and I appreciate your tireless effort to help improve and accelerate my success with the media. I am so glad to have you on my team.”

Dr. David Washington
Author of Life is a Choice: “A Guide to Success in Life”

“Dan, You’re the best. Thank you for all of your help! I am making progress on the endorsements. I will be touch.”

Steve Suggs
Sales Manage Solutions

What do I do in my coaching? I like to think of it as ABCD.
Accountability – some people don’t get anything done unless they have someone to hold them accountable.
Brainstorming – I excel in outside the box thinking.
Creativity – I’m off the charts on thinking different.
Decision making – No waffling around. Let’s make a plan and go for it.

To learn more about my coaching to see if it is a fit for you – and I’m not expecting to work with people who are not a good fit – go to www.PublicityLeadstoProfits.com.