David McNally and Dan Janal

Dan Janal and David McNally

The need for speakers and consultants to reinvent themselves has been a grand theme over the past two years as the economy, social media and the great re-set seem to have changed everything.

I had the pleasure of hearing NSA speaker hall of famer David McNally present a few insightful tips at the recent NSA-Minnesota meeting.

He divided the world into survivors and thrivers.

Among his keepers:

–       Take your message and make it relevant for today.
–       Thrivers constantly reinvent themselves. They are mentally agile and willing to risk.
Key differences between the two:

Survivors                        Thrivers
Ordinary                            Extraordinary
Limitations                        Great expectations
Meet standards                 Set standards
Excuses                            Committed
Getting through                 Breaking through
Hanging out                       Standing out

Which group do you aspire to?