Remember the first time you drove a car?

Wasn’t it the biggest day in your life?

Same is true for my niece who is 9-years old and just drove her first car at Disney World’s go kart ride.

She was really thrilled because:
1. She was 51 and 7/8 inches and the sign said you had to be 52 inches. She just passed by standing up very, very straight.

2. She could do it and her sister, who is a year younger, couldn’t.

3. She could drive for the first time — and it wasn’t just a kiddie bumper car ride.

However, her enthusiasm passed when she realized that her friends back home told her the best ride was “Space Mountain,” the roller coaster ride with a long, long line.

I’m not sure she really likes roller coasters, but she sure does react to her peers. And if they say sitting in a roller coaster and holding on is better than driving a car for the first time, then who am I to argue?

Space Mountain was all she could talk about.

So if you are marketing to the under 10 set, remember that peer pressure is the big factor, not internal motivation.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
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