Is social media marketing effective?

One guru I follow says social media isn’t effective.

Then I realized the folly in the question and in his answer.

His answer was a one-size fits all answer. That’s really not the case. I’ve been impressed by big companies that have used SM to do a great job with customer service and especially nipping complaints in the bud.

On the other hand, I’ve seen many speakers, authors and solopreneurs use SM as a broadcasting service and not engage people at all.

And then there are exceptions to both.

Here’s a nice example of a good social media marketing conversation. I tweeted that I had a very good experience with Enterprise Rental Cars. They tweeted back. Here’s the conversation.


What’s really cool about this is that I wrote as @prleads. They addressed me as “Dan.” That meant they actually did a little bit of research to see who I was. That’s pretty cool.

Social media is ALL about starting a conversation and building relationships. If you do that, you’ll get more business.