Sometimes, reporters ask a lot of questions in their PR LEADS, or just on the phone in general.

You do NOT have to answer each question. In fact, I’d suggest you pick only the best question that helps you the most and answer that.


They aren’t going to quote you on six answers. They want six different people. So if you have only one shot at the brass ring, grab that ring and forget the others.

Also, if you aren’t an expert in the other areas, then you’ll drag yourself down in their eyes by giving trite answers.

Finally, save yourself the time. Managing your time is very important so you don’t get overwhelmed. Stay fresh and alert for your next opportunity!

The reporter will get enough responses from other people for the other questions, no worries!

I interviewed TJ Walker on how to create “Sound Bytes.” This is the single best resource I have to help you create great sounding answers with rich conent to reporters. You can read TJ’s tips at: