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See this link for a quote of mine that was used in today’s edition of USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/money/workplace/2006-08-21-salaries-usat_x.htm. I am still trying to figure out what makes sense in terms of reprints and website posting. The latter seems a bit steep – $1000 for posting the article on my website for one year. Does this sound typical? Thanks.

Hi Mark,

Many publications make serious money by selling reprint rights. You should also be aware of the copyright laws:
1. You cannot print the article in full on your site, nor can you print their logo, unless you have permission.
2. You can link to the article on the publication’s web site. You don’t have to ask permission.
3. You can use 2-3 sentences from the article without permission (i.e. USA TODAY calls Dan Janal “a true Internet marketing pioneer” which they in fact, did write.)

If the article can really help you build your business, then you might want to bite the bullet and pay the big bucks. Consider it advertising. I wouldn’t do this if there were a 2-line quote. I’d just say “I was quoted in USA TODAY on August 20, 2006.”

I’d also suggest you send the link to the article in an email tto everyone you know — present clients, former clients, prospects, everyone!

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I hope this helps.

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