Grace Allison

Grace Allison

Here’s a unique book marketing tip from Grace Allison:

She did an Amazon Giveaway for five days July 1-5.

“I gave away five E-books of the ‘Do You Have a Dream Workbook: 5 Keys to Realize Your Dream’ for a total of $16.25. The result was 151 new followers on Amazon and 151 downloads of my free ‘AHA Book Do You Have a Dream 140 Insights.’ I will get paid $12.00 in royalties for the 5 E Books. The blitz made me an Amazon Best Seller where I ranked #30 in audio books, #48 in Kindle spiritual, #82 Kindle motivational.”

Here is Amazon’s FAQ for a giveaway: Amazon Giveaway

Have you tried this tactic? What were your results?