For people with a book inside them who want to get published faster, easier and cheaper.

The Self-Publishing Manual is well known by nearly everyone in the publishing industry and is the first book they recommend to newcomers. Since 1979, it has been revised 16 times while going through 20 printings. This is a brand new book—with a track record. It has broken into double digits at and recently made the Quality Books Top Twenty.

Nearly everyone has a book inside him or her. Self-publishing is finally being recognized as a better alternative to traditional (New York) publishing. Now that the large trade publishers are downsizing, consolidating and cutting back on their lists, more and more people are self-publishing. There are only six large trade publisher left, there are some 3-400 medium-sized publishers and there are more than 86,000 self-publishers. The ISBN agency registers some 10,000 new publishing companies each year. Small publishing is growing rapidly.

Dan Poynter has been in publishing for 45+ years. He is the author of more than 120 books, 50 reports, 500 magazine articles, 12 audiotapes and two videotapes—most of them on some aspect of book writing, publishing or promoting. Prentice-Hall and eight international publishers have published Dan. His books have been translated into Japanese, German, British-English, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Romanian. He is a frequent speaker at writing and publishing-industry events such as the Maui Writers Conference and the PMA’s Publishing University at the BEA book fair. He flies more than 6,000 miles/week and has made six round-the-world speaking tours in the past year.

There are other books on self-publishing. Most are modest attempts with very brief coverage and much less detail. Some are out of date.
Beware of books on self-publishing that are not self-published.
Regardless, Dan Poynter supports and recommends the other books.
“Anyone getting into a new field should buy several books and attend a number of seminars. The investment is cheaper than a mistake.”

Some endorsements.

“Poynter is at his best when discussing such specifics as starting one’s own publishing house; dealing with printers; establishing discount, credit and return policies; promoting, advertising and selling a book; and order fulfillment.”
Publishers Weekly.

“Poynter covers the production basics but his emphasis is on the business of books.”
—American Library Association Booklist

“The strength of this book is the detailed discussion of various marketing methods.”
Choice magazine

“This is the first book I recommend to those considering becoming a publisher.”
—Jan Nathan, Executive Director, Publishers Marketing Association

“This is the best self‑publishing manual on the market. Poynter offers more information per paragraph than many handbooks put on a page, and it’s all clear and easy to follow. Highly recommended.”
—Judith Appelbaum, How to Get Happily Published

“One essential ingredient to our Chicken Soup success was consulting with Dan Poynter in the early stages.”
—Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series (over 90 million sold—so far)

“Dan Poynter has generously guided thousands to authorship. Their books make this a better world.”
—Dr. Robert Müller, Past Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and author of 2000 Ideas & Dreams for a Better World.

“A deeply researched how-to book on writing, printing, publishing, promotion, marketing, and distribution of books.”
The College Store Journal

“The book is a must for those considering publishing as a business, for writers who want to investigate self-publishing, and is eminently useful for its new and old ideas to those who have already begun to do it. A fine and handy guide by a fine and successful publisher.”
Small Press Review