Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: Salty Dogs will appeal to dog lovers as well as beach lovers.

Salty Dogs is a photographic journey of 39 different breeds of dogs enjoying all the beach has to offer. Tails gyrating with glee, the dogs in Salty Dogs dig in the sand, tackle monstrous waves, retrieve sticks and toys and explode into waves. Seeing their joy and their ability to live in the moment, brings a smile to the face and a brief reprieve from the stress of everyday life.

Each set of photos are accompanied by quotes that fit the action in the photos.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: Capturing dogs in action is my passion and the beach is my preferred place to photograph dogs. I have haunted the beach every since my first visit 10 years ago with my own Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Molly, by my side.

I happened to glance out and saw two surfers going out. One was carrying a large Golden Retriever. I asked my new friend to watch Molly and quickly waded out to get pictures of the surfing golden retriever. As I clicked away, the surfer positioned his dog on the board and pushed him into a wave. With a huge canine grin, the Golden rode the wave till it folded over him and only a nose showed.

The slides from that day hooked me. Instead of pictures showing dogs obeying their owner’s wishes, my slides showed dogs obeying their natural instincts. I soon quit my job at our family garden center and started photographing dogs. My photographs of dogs have appeared in Dog Fancy, Dog World, Popular Dogs, Dogs for Kids, Just Labs and other national publications.

Browntrout, Willow Creek Press, Reiman Publications and Petprints calendars all feature my breed photographs. My images have also appeared in books published by Wiley, Willow Creek Press, Adams, Barron’s Educational and other publishers.

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: Salty Dogs is the first national book to feature dogs at the beach. Other dog photo essay books are illustrated with dogs interacting with the camera; Salty Dogs captures dogs interacting with life. They are taking a break from the reality of living in a human world and acting in the most instinctual ways of a dog.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?
A: If you enjoy dogs being dogs, you will enjoy Salty Dogs.