In the old days, you had to die to get your face on a U.S. postage stamp.

What fun is that?

I mean, do you ever really know if your face will be on the stamp? You’re dead! No fun at all. Ogden Nash has no idea he’s on a stamp.

Now, will put your face on a stamp for a small (well, not so small) service fee.

But you’ll be alive to see it and show it to your grandkids!

Now, lets get serious, fellow marketers.

You can use these stamps for your face if you are a speaker, or your book if you are an author, or your product if you’ve created a game or a widget.

You just can’t be on the UN’s Most Wanted List.

Even has its standards!

Special thanks to author and PR LEADER BJ Gallagher for this tip. Stamps go live on May 15, 2005.