Piggyback is more than a child’s game.

Piggybacking in press releases could help small companies leap frog over their competitors.

Here’s how.

When you are doing a joint venture with a company that is more well known, issue a press release saying, “Big Company Uses Small Company’s Products or Services.”

Reporters who would normally consider a press release from a company they don’t know as a Trivial Pursuit and might toss the release down the Chutes and Ladders might be inclined to give your release a serious read.

This happened to me several years ago. I had a client that produced street-mapping software in the early days of GPS systems. They had a relationship with Trimble Navigation (a big name in the field) and Sony (a big name everywhere). The Associated Press turned the press release into an article and it appeared in more than 200 newspapers! Chances are my clients wouldn’t have gotten an ounce of ink without name dropping their joint venture partners.

Get a Clue, follow this strategy and you might wind up with a Monopoly and become Numero Uno.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER