I'll be speaking at an  elite conference tol help experienced coaches learn how to achieve financial freedom. Coaching expert Christian Mickelsen will teach the coaches many hands-on skills for attracting and keeping new clients. He will also help remove personal stumbling blocks that hamper coaches’ effectiveness. Limited to only 35 participants, coaches will participate in numerous interactive exercises to take their businesses to the next level.


Dates: Feb. 4-8, 2008

Place: San Diego

Info: http://tinyurl.com/cempire

“The 4 day conference is limited to 35 coaches who want to learn the best business building strategies, skills, and psychology so that you can move your business into the "empire phase" where you're making a difference 24 hours/day, 7 days/week,” said Christian Mickelsen, founder of Coaching Business Empire conference.  


“Coaches who attend the conference will learn how to achieve financial freedom,” he said, “Not only will you be able to enjoy the comforts and freedom that more money brings, but after this event you'll experience an ease and effortlessness in how you work . . . a "naturalness" that's been hiding behind subtle anxieties, stress, or overwhelm that's been there for so long you may not even notice it anymore.”


Coaches will also learn how to release the "inner blocks" and barriers that could be keeping you from achieving the results you desire. And they’ll leave with a bigger "marketing brain" that will (believe it or not) foster a love of marketing. In addition to the marketing strategies, you'll also learn a marketing philosophy that makes marketing feel like you're actually coaching and making a difference.


Here are several conference highlights:


The "Successful Coach" Mindset --Master your psychology about "sales, marketing, money, and success." We will discuss the difference between the way we want to think and feel about these important concepts and the way we actually do think and feel.


How to shift your marketing from "getting clients" to “creating a ‘movement’ "


Hoow to quickly create high demand products and programs to leverage your time and energy (plus reach and help far more people).



How to write marketing "copy" that compels people to take action and make smart purchases (to buy your stuff).


How to eliminate the barriers to being successful with these techniques. These barriers usually show up as "writers block," "technophobia", and "perfectionism" (do any of these sound familiar to you?). Finally, you will practice these approaches on the spot.



How to make thousands of dollars  from every presentation you give (including your own multi-day seminars)


How to create a customized strategic action plan.


How to let go of old "negative" expectations and install new "positive" expectations that you can go home and manifest into your life and business.



About Christian Mickelsen


Christian Mickelsen is the author of "How To Quickly Get Started In Professional Coaching: The Surprising Truth About What It Really Takes!" and has been coaching for over 9 years. He's been seen in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, MSN, and the Boston Globe. He served 2 years on the board of directors for the International Association of Coaching, and has created numerous support programs to help coaches become financially successful.


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