Hi Dan!

I just had to take a few moments to send a note of thanks to you and PR Leads, and to share with you my recent success

I signed up for PR Leads in February of this year. The sign-up process, and your helpful instructions, were so easy to follow
that I answered my first lead query (for an interview) just two days after registering. 

Louise LewisA few days later, the freelancer (writing a piece for a "major
women’s magazine") replied to my e-mail with a list of interview

I quickly provided all requested information…and then patiently
waited…and waited.

Long story short, after only one false start, I’m here to tell you
that I received a 133-word interview — PLUS a mention of my
book title, PLUS my photo — in the November issue of HEALTH

Even though I have always believed that there are "no accidents"
in life and that things happen for a reason (my book provides
many personal examples), it’s still so thrilling that the timing of the
article’s publication is yet another example that things happen for
a reason.
Let me explain:

          The article was originally scheduled to appear in
          the May issue, but it was rescheduled. No one
          could tell me when (or if) it would be published.

           Months later, the magazine’s fact checker contacted
           me and confirmed the article would appear in the
           November issue.

          Guess who turns 50 in November? Yep, ME! 

With the help of PR Leads, I have received the best 50th birthday
present a gal could ever receive!  Thank you!

PR Leads will certainly remain a vital element to my PR program. 

Thanks again!

No Experts Needed(And if you ever get a chance, please direct folks to my web site so
they can pick up a FREE no-strings-attached gift (pdf) copy of my
book, "No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to YOU!")

Simply my way of ‘giving back’…

Thank you again for providing such a wonderful service!

Take care,
Louise Lewis, Author
No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!

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