Recently, I got a voicemail from a Realtor named Louie. I won’t use his last name since I didn’t speak to him or ask his permission. But don’t worry. This is not an embarrassing story. In fact, it is the story of a hero and a person I think I admire. Here’s the story.

Louie leaves a message on my voicemail saying he is a Realtor, and has appeared on HGTV. He wants to sell my house. My first thought was I don’t want to sell my house. My second thought was that he had a nice voice and a winning persona on the phone. But I decided to check him out anyway. After all, he’s on HGTV. He must be a star.
I went to his web site and saw his credentials. He’s one of top 20 salespeople in his nationwide company of hundreds or thousands of Realtors. He has a zillion video clips of him appearing on a local TV news show as their real estate expert. He’s a pro through and through.

You know what impressed me most about Louie?

Two things, actually.

First, he makes good use of his media. I always preach that to my clients. He’s a stud!

Second, as successful as he is, he still makes cold calls!

Mind you, I’ll never make a cold call in my life. I hate them. You probably do as well. That’s okay. I’m not about to say you should do cold calls. I do other marketing tactics, like ezines, blogs, articles and press releases.

But he found a marketing tactic that worked for him and he did it again and again and again. He even left a similar message on my wife’s voice mail.

The point is, he didn’t delegate marketing to a flunky. He didn’t rest on his laurels. Instead, he dug in his heels and he kept marketing, every darned day without fail.

You might have noticed that the Real Estate industry is on the ropes and has been for several years. Does that sound like your business?

I have two questions for you.

Are you like Louie? Do you want to be like Louie?

Then pick a few marketing tasks that you like to do and that are effective. Then do them over and over and over again.

I’d suggest you write press releases that contain info about what’s new in your business, or “how to” information that you might have written as an article. Or even an opinion piece that you might have written for your blog. All those are good fodder for a press release that can help your web site be found in the search engines.

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