You have a great new product that you want the world to know about. You know that bloggers can have a huge impact on your product. How do you reach them? Here are 10 things to build a good product review strategy with bloggers.

10 Ways to Get Positive Reviews from Bloggers

1.     Find them. Use Google to find who writes about your product.

2.     See how big they are. Use tools like Alexa and Compete to see how activity they get.

3.     Find out how influential they are. Use a tool like to see how many followers they have and how often their messages are tweeted and retweeted.

4.     Read the blog to see if it is a good fit.

5.     Read the blog to see what point of view they have.

6.     Read the comments on the blog to see the level of comments.

7.     See if there are pitching instructions on the blog or website. Some sophisticated bloggers have rules on how they want to be contacted. Some bloggers do not want to be pitched at all. If you violate their rule, they could likely slam you on their blogs.

8.     Comment on the blog. You can build rapport with the blogger this way. You will stand out. An old saying goes that it is better to build rapport before you need a favor. If you comment intelligently on posts now, there’s a better chance the blogger will want to talk with you and review your product when it is ready.

9.     Ask to post a guest blog.

10. Post guest blogs on your blog.

Bloggers have more and more influence every day. Cultivate the best ones now so you can build long lasting relationships.

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