"Who Moved My Dentures?"

“Who Moved My Dentures?”

Anthony Cirillo, Aging Expert

Anthony Cirillo, Aging Expert

“I got my money’s worth from PR LEADS in the first month. I think I pitched 5 leads, had four interviews, one placement in WSJ and am pretty sure three of the remaining four will publish somewhere. The one that did not was from Investors Business Daily and she sent me a very complementary note with an indication that she will use me in the future. I think the targeted leads complemented by my ability to discern what is right have made this a great combo.”

Anthony Cirillo, FACHE, ABC
Author, “Who Moved My Dentures”

Thanks, Anthony! I think the FTC wants me to say “actual results may vary” or some such disclaimer. Some people do great with PR LEADS right off the bat and some take a while. And for some, it isn’t a good fit. We try to remove all doubt. Why not call us for a free evaluation to see if you are a good fit for the best publicity leads service? Call 952-380-9844.