Congratulations to Shane Ellison, MS, a long-time PR LEADS client who took some time off to write his new book “Over the Counter Natural Cures.” He’s gotten quite a few hits using PR LEADS in just two weeks since returning.

Here’s one of his quotes about removing wrinkles from Fit and Fab

He credits PR LEADS with boosting his strategic publicity campaign.

Shane Ellison

Shane Ellison

“I hit the ground running with PR Leads!” said Shane, who holds an MS in organic chemistry from Northern Arizona University. “First it started with some successful bloggers, then two mentions in Woman’s World, and today, US News and World Report! Bam!  Your formula helped a ton, I know what to pick now and how to respond much quicker.”

I’ve been reading his new book, “Over the Counter Natural Cures” and I can’t put it down.

“I also got a feature article on a major woman’s fitness site, coming out in a few weeks,” he said. “The PR I’m getting from PR Leads is dramatically helping my SEO.  Thanks!”

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You can read more about Shane at The People’s