Did Kathy McCabe have inside knowledge on the health condition of the Pope?


She just read what everyone else was reading.

And she just happens to be the editor and publisher of “Dream of Italy: The Insider’s Guide to Undiscovered Italy.”

She guessed that if the Pope died, there just might be some interest in travel to Rome.

So she planned her PR/Marketing campaign. She launched


and posted a news press release announcing her blog.

Then when the news broke, reporters contacted Kathy!

USA TODAY called her and included her comments — and her blog’s address!

Here’s the article

Here’s the chipping point for you: If you know an event will happen, prepare your media message and your campaign in advance.

For example, your town’s teachers might go on strike. What does this mean for parents, companies, day care centers, etc? Holidays will always occur — Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation Day. How can you comment? Make the news your own!