I’ve always loved Opening Day for baseball because when you look at the standings, everyone is even. Each team is in first place. Each team has the whole world open to them.

Dan gets caught up in baseball.

Same with you. Treat Opening Day as a time to start over.

1 Reevaluate your website. Is it up to snuff? Check out the free resources at http://www.websitereviewslive.com. You might want to get in touch with my webmaster after you review his materials.

2. Reevaluate your PR and marketing plans. Are they getting results? If not, it is time to start over. Email me and we’ll set up a complimentary coaching session to see if I can help you. This offer applies only to present and former clients of PR LEADS and I *will* try to sell you on group coaching or individual coaching.

3. Reevaluate your profiles on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Do they represent what you are selling now? 

Go ahead. Dust off those cobwebs. You just might find some new money buried beneath them!