If you want to get more prospects in your pipeline, publicity tactics can help. And no one know more about how to get publicity than me, Dan Janal, founder of PR LEADS, author of six books, International speaker, former business newspaper editor and award-winning  newspaper reporter.

In this group coaching you’d learn to do all the tactical elements in creating and carrying out a publicity marketing program that gets results. You’ll learn how to get new clients. Here are a few of the tactics you’ll discover:

– how to have reporters come to you

– how to be comfortable in an interview

– how to get more prospects coming to your website and joining your lists

– how determining which of your messages the media wants to hear

We’ll accomplish those goals as you learn

– how to craft your messages so they are newsworthy and marketable
– how to write press releases that get visitors to your website
– how to write pitch letters that urge reporters to help you
– how to use social media tools like Linked In to build thought leadership
– how to build an editorial calendar of events and ideas to stay in touch with reporters
– how to have reporters contact you for story ideas and quotes for their articles
– how to have the media print your by-lined article
and much, much more

You’ll also get a private coaching session with me to help you individually.

And youi’ll get these bonuses:

* Plus you’ll get a list of reporters who cover your topic so you can contact them as often as you like with your story ideas so you can get more media coverage.
* And you’ll get one press release distributed to our top tier media network which, as you’ve seen, will be printed on many influential media web sites.


We’ll meet once a week for about an hour on a webinar format so you can hear the lecture, ask questions and see the examples I show of written materials and websites. I’ll also review group member’s materials so we can all learn from each other and you get even more hands-on time with me. All sessions will be recorded, so if you can’t attend, you can listen to the session.

Your investment is only $995.

The program will start the week of June 28, 2010 and will run for 12 sessions.

To sign up, click here

If you have questions, send them to dan@prleads.com and I’ll be happy to answer.