Papa Murphy helps you and me make dough

//Papa Murphy helps you and me make dough

Papa Murphy helps you and me make dough

Want to make more sales — and upsell in the process?

Here’s what a 16-year-old kid at Papa Murphy’s (the pizza chain) taught me last night when I called to order dinner by phone.

My comments are in parentheses.

Her: Thank you for choosing Papa Murphy’s (implies I’m
ready to order).

Would you like to try our new Sicilian Pizza (that’s
what I wanted anyway).

Me: Yes.

Her: Would you like to get that in our new Family size?

Me: How much?

Her: $11.99. (the basic model is $6.99)

Me How big is that? (Was she going to tell me how many more slices there were? Or how much more it weighed?)

Her: MORE THAN Twice as big as the original size. (Images of a BIG pizza flashed in my mind.)

Me: Sold.

I’ve read articles that say you must “assume the sale” when you talk to someone. I think this example with Papa Murphy’s shows how simple and elegant that tactic can be. I’m guessing the entire transaction took 45 seconds.

Your assignment is to write your own sales script that takes people through the sales process. Keep it simple!

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER

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