Short answer: yes, of course.

If you want to get your message out, you must know how to deal with the message bearer.

Deal with it.

Being a former reporter myself – and an award-winning one at that – being obnoxious is a common personality trait in reporters.

Turn on your favorite 24/7 news network – need I say more?

Who else could ask sensitive questions like “Are you are crook,” or “Your parents just died in a car accident. How do you feel?”

(That’s why I got out – I couldn’t ask those questions!)

That said: many reporters are very nice, so don’t tar the industry with one brush.

There are many kind reporters who can be very helpful to you.

Either way, just one reporter can significantly boost your career when you gain their trust and become their “go-to” whenever they need a good quote or media-friendly talking head in the area of your expertise.

Nice reporters AND jerk reporters rely on their “go-to” experts – either way, that should be you.

Nice reporters AND jerk reporters can put you on prime-time and give you precious optics you can use for your branding.

The more you connect with reporters who want to quote and interview experts like you, the thicker your skin will get.