I just spoke to the San Diego Chapter of the National Speakers Association today (August 8, 2006).

The good news for you is that we recorded the presentation on my telephone replay line, so you can listen to it from 1 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday August 10 to September 8, 2006.

I spoke about:
– how speakers can brand themselves
– how Thom Winninger became the “go to” speaker in three markets
– how you can use the media and the Internet to become the go-to guy in your niche
– how to find a niche you can have fun with
– how to understand what the media really wants — and how to get on the front page of your local newspaper
– how to use articles on the web to build traffic to your site
– why you need to blog
– whether you should continue using your newsletter, or just blog
– how to create teleseminars
– how to create products
– how to price your teleseminars
and much, much more in this 90-minute presentation.

You can listen for free by calling (218) 936-1055
Conference ID:

Yes, you must pay the long-distance call.

No, the call won’t be available after September 8. No there won’t be a transcript.

If you’d like your own conference line to create your own coaching sessions or teleseminars, plus have telephone replay at no cost, click here:


Conference lines are great for business, but don’t forget — you can use conference lines for family get-togethers as well.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
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