Have you ever gone to Facebook to look for the ads?

Have you ever clicked on an ad?

I’m not sure I’ve ever clicked on an ad, but I do know that they know who I am. Nearly every ad I see is related to publicity. They know I’m a PR guy, not a dance instructor. What else they might know about me is plain scary.

Facebook and Wall Street are betting big bucks that you love to see ads on Facebook.

But the real point of this article is to talk about GM pulling its ad budge from Facebook just days before the company went public.

That’s sending a big message.

Not only does it say that GM doesn’t think that Facebook ads work (and really, would you go to Facebook to buy a truck?) but they gave Facebook a black eye by publicly announcing the move at the time when Facebook was gather a ton of momentum to launch its IPO.

Time will tell who the real winner is here, but here is a good example that disproves the adage, “All publicity is good publicity.”