Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: Young readers – with emphasis on Native American kids – although everyone can benefit from reading about these amazing people.

The Native Trailblazers Series profiles stellar role models who have raised the profile of indigenous culture in North America. This exciting work of non-fiction reminds readers of the extraordinary contributions of Native Americans to our country’s social fabric. Ages 9 to 16 years.

Q: What is the book about?
A: Profiles 10 outstanding American Indian leaders. Among those featured are:

* Larry Merculieff, who helped bring a once enslaved and oppressed Aleutian people to a position of power and self-sufficiency.

* Patrick Brazeau, the National Chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.

* Raymond Cross, a Coyote Warrior who won a victory of compensation for the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara people.

* Members of the Golden Eagle Hotshots – a heroic group of firemen from California that fight forest fires all over the country.

* Lieutenant Mark Bowman, Choctaw, who puts his life on the line everyday as a Virginia Beach Police Officer.

* Stanley Vollant, an Aboriginal surgeon who fulfilled a 100 year old Innu tribe prophecy.

* Frank Abraham, an Ojibwe Chief whose wisdom and honesty enabled his tribe to rise from near financial failure.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: I am a Native American photojournalist with a great sampling of people that I have met in my career.

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: None really exist that I know about – and it is contemporary.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?
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