Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: My book is dedicated and directed to the 24 million U.S. businesses nationwide that have 20 or less employees.

Q: What is the book about?
A: In new my book, I identify core areas for businesses to increase their success rates and offer proven blueprints for small to medium sized business in operations, sales and marketing, human resources, and accounting departments. I present hands-on, ready-to-implement strategies to increase the success rates of the reader’s small and mid-sized businesses.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: I am a small business owner of two companies for over 13 years. Action means more than words.

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: My book is dedicated and directed to 99% of the 27 million U.S. businesses nationwide that are your current and potential viewers!

My book offers proven solutions that over 26 million U.S. business owners want and need right now!

My book will teach over 121 million individuals how to avoid a crisis that will affect them, their families, and this country!

My book provides readers with answers to be successful in this downward economy!

There is at least one take away that your readers, no matter their demographics, can and will receive by utilizing my book to change their life and career/business.

My book covers four key areas that your viewers want and need to know about.

My book is unique; no business system before has shown your viewers how to run their business like a hotel to increase their success rates.

My book is very user friendly (you do not need to be in the business world very long or have a higher education to understand it), with easy-to-understand examples and analogies.

My book can impact your life today. The solution driven action plans found in them, can be implemented the very next day after receiving them.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?
A: I would like to share with your viewers core areas for businesses and individuals on how to increase their success rates, both professionally and personally. Below are some samples of these solutions.

• 14 items your business must stop and start doing today.
• 7 action plans to stop your business from failing.
• 6 business secrets to success in a bad economy.
• The crisis facing your business and 5 ways to avoid it.
• Teach how to make your business have a 24/7/52 mentality.
• Show you how to run your business like a hotel.
• Show you how to install radical sales and marketing to your business.
• Teach you that your business is more perishable than a cup of milk.
• Educate you that pennies really do add up.
• Help you install triage management.
• Show how ownership zones improve the workplace.
• Identify express service potentials within your business.
• Show readers they need to find out what makes their business different and market to that strength.
• Demonstrate cold and warm calling selling strategies.
• Teach readers to stop biting your nails and start sharpening your claws as a business owner.
• Show how to install S.O.P.S.
• Explain the W.I.T.F.M. and how to use it.
• Demonstrate talking in smile language and how to use the “five foot” rule.
• Teach readers to “remember the hook” when marketing.
• Teach readers how scripting dialog increases capture ratios.
• Educate readers on sales stages and source of business reports.
• Show readers how to ask for the sale and presume the close.
• Show readers the difference in penetration and saturation selling to a customers account.
• How to share shift customers and perform weekly and monthly sales and marketing reports.
• How to install repeat customer loyalty programs and rewards clubs.
• How to sell value, not price.
• How to “amenity sell” their product.
• Discuss labor efficiency modeling.
• Correctly “on-boarding” new associates and why you should pipeline your HR candidates.
• Educate your viewers on lowering associate turnover.
• How to manage associate performance.
• How to use daily statistical data sheets for your business success.
And many more…