PR Expert Shares Press Release Tips that Earn Results, Just in Time to Support Business Success in the New Year

Earning publicity is top-of-mind for small business owners across America coping with a daunting economy and the challenge of delivering their messages effectively in a dynamic media environment.  Those hungry to learn time-tested and proven ways to use press releases to build buzz can access a new and free audio file at

PR Leads ( Founder Dan Janal invited Publicist Nancy Juetten, founder of Main Street Media Savvy ( to share her tips to empower business owners seeking affordable and effective ways to earn publicity for their products, services, ideas, or cause.

Juetten queried dozens of publicists from across the nation to learn their best tips and strategies and incorporated their insights into this well-attended teleseminar.  She also posted information-packed blog entries for December 1- 3 that addressed the topic of press releases in a deeper way. 

“Almost 300 people listened in to this call and many have raved about the useful tips, free resources, and suggestions that are packed within this one-hour teleseminar,” Janal said.  “Making this information available to business owners everywhere for free is a holiday gift that is timely and useful to share.”

Among the top tips, Juetten recommends the following:

  • Press releases must convey real news. If you’ve got "puff" to share, don’t. It’s a waste of your time and effort, and it doesn’t add value to the newsrooms either. News is timely, newsworthy, relevant, interesting, local – and most importantly – interesting.
  • The headline of your press release and the subject line of your email are the most important elements to inviting readership. If the headline is boring to you, it will most definitely be boring to a seasoned news veteran. Be creative in your approach. Have some fun. Look to the magazine racks for headline inspiration.
  • The press release format is one that the news media is familiar with. That means presenting information in the order of most importance and writing in a journalistic style. By following this format, you serve the media decision maker as you help to shape your own story.
  • Who you send your release to is as important as the news you share.



About PR Leads:

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