Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: Adults – Women and others interested in relationships.

Q: What is the book about?
A: An exploration of the enduring friendship between women who meet in college, participate in radical
politics, and then spend the next thirty years adjusting to life in the real world.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: Because I lived it. The story is loosely based on my time in Sacramento in the 70s, followed by years of “normal” life, with all that brought, including single parenthood and love issues. Also, I spent many years working in the child welfare system as a social worker, with some of these experiences featured in this book.

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: It captures the radical politics of the seventies from the perspective of women, featuring the normal parenting issues against this backdrop of politics…And reveals how these experiences can help individuals transform themselves into fully functioning human beings.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?
A: There are a few secrets within…like the artist who lived on a commune and lost her child to the child welfare system…And how, eventually, they were reunited.