I’ll admit I’ve been a fan of a certain copywriter who sends me email every week about her services. Her twist is that she shares a personal story each week. We learn about her life and get to feel like we know her. Her messages are reminiscent of those long-gone days of the personal letter from a friend who just is writing to catch up.

In this age of cell phones, IM and email, the personal letter is dead.

So, getting messages from this marketer are a nice respite. We read her story, and then look at her pitch. She gets us to open her email. Personal marketing works!

But she crossed the line today.

With a headline reading “Some bad news, dan” (yes, lower case ‘d’) the message went on to recall her car being stolen, no hope for recovery and the loss of thousands of dollars of electronic goodies. Then she followed with the sad tale of her son’s medical problems.

Okay so far.

But apparently, that was just a set up for saying that because of these problems, she hasn’t had time to promote event properly so she is extending the deadline for her seminar, so sign up soon.

Sorry kiddo, you can manipulate me only so far. I’m putting you on my blocked list.

I think the idea of being a personal marketer is a good one. People want to buy from people they like. But I think that when you try to manipulate people like this, you cross the line.

Don’t let it happen to you.