Hats off to this week’s marketer of the week – BJ Gallagher!

First, she was quoted in an article on Boeing’s CEO getting canned for having an affair with an employee.

Her sound bite from the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

In late 2003, racked by scandal, The Boeing Co. brought Chief Executive Harry Stonecipher out of retirement to be its knight in shining armor.

“Instead, it seems they got a knight in shining amour,” observed ethicist B.J. Gallagher after Boeing’s board Sunday fired Stonecipher in connection with an intraoffice affair.

If you look at this article closely, BJ’s quote inspired the writer to write his lead paragraph as a lead in to her quote!

That’s power.

Also, don’t overlook the fact that Boeing is based in Seattle. The reporter could have had his choice of any local expert. He went with the best quote!

BJ’s antics didn’t end there. She sent me an envelope with a very interesting stamp . It looked like her book cover! Her book is called “Who Are They, Anyway?”

Yes, it is legal. Why not put your book cover, or your company logo, or your face on a “stamp”?

She made the stamp at www.photostamps.com. Read about it. It is very hot!