My business coach Mark LeBlanc is coming to Minneapolis to do a special public seminar. I recommend this seminar highly. If you live near Minneapolis, take the day off and com e here Mark speak — or attend one of his achievers Circles weekends. It literally changed my business for the better — exponentially. If you come, tell him I sent you and I’ll send you a free copy of his book — it is a gold mine of business practices that are easy to implement!

Here” the info:

Growing Your Business
When You are The Business!
Sponsored by Small Business Success

Join us for a three hour presentation on Friday, June 30, 2006
for a special program on how to grow your business or
professional practice. Whether you have heard Mark speak
or not, here is your opportunity to get reconnected to what
you want to do, and create a path for more of that to happen.

1. What do you want to sell more of?
2. What is the trap that is getting in your way?
3. Are you really focused in the direction of your dream?

What if it was easier than you thought? Let’s get together,
take a serious step, make a critical decision or two, and make
some good progress in making something great happen. Imagine
if the next 12 months were the best of your career!

Mark LeBlanc, Author of the little book, Growing Your
Business!, that can make a big difference in your business,
or professional practice, will share repeatedly, proven ideas
and strategies for taking your business up a notch.


So few people will ever do what it takes to make it in their
own business. The ease of falling into a comfort zone can
paralyze even the most, well-intentioned professionals.

When you leave this presentation, you will be more
focused, able to attract more prospects, equipped with a
single strategy for stimulating more referrals, and on your
way to creating a path and a plan for generating more
business. Real business.

Make your decision, right now!

Mark your calendar, right now!

Make your reservation, right now!

1. When you rsvp, and pay on-site, your fee is $49.


2. When you rsvp, and prepay your fee, it’s only $35!
And if you pre-register, and pre-pay, you will get a
free copy of Mark’s book, Growing Your Business!

You can register by clicking here, and mailing a
check for $35, postmarked by June 26th, to:

Mark LeBlanc
Small Business Success
19 South 1st Street, Suite B2404
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Check payable to: Small Business Success

Or, call 800-690-0810, and provide your cc information
to Sherry, and she will get you registered promptly.

Mark’s presentation will begin at 9:00 a.m. sharp at the
Holiday Inn Metrodome at Seven Corners, in Minneapolis.

Mark LeBlanc, of Small Business Success, has been
working with and speaking for groups of small business
owners, and practice professionals, since 1992. He is
the Vice President of the National Speakers Association,
and will be President of this prestigious organization in
2007. Last month, he was inducted into the Minnesota
Speakers Hall of Fame, where he shares this honor with
Larry Wilson, Harvey McKay, Thom Winninger, David
McNally, Janie Jasin, Dr. Lyman K. (Manny) Steil, Desi
Williamson, Bob Pike, Jim Pancero, and Mark Sharenbroich.
In 1997, the Minnesota Speakers Association created the Mark
LeBlanc Award for Outstanding Service, and gives this
award annually to a deserving member. Currently, Mark
splits his time between Minneapolis, and La Jolla, CA.

This weekend (June 23-25, 2006), Mark will be in Norwalk, CT, conducting his
special weekend program, The Achievers’ Circle. It is his
63rd weekend program, designed for up to 15 Independent
Professionals, who want to sell more products and services.
For more information on upcoming weekends, go to: