markleblanc-150x150Great news!

Mark LeBlanc has agreed to write the foreword to my new book, “Internet Marketing Confidential.” I’m honored and flattered!

Mark is the past president of the National Speakers Association, and author of two books, “Growing Your Business” and “Never Be the Same.”

Mark LeBlanc started Small Business Success in 1992, and has been working with and speaking for groups of business owners, and professionals who want to grow and sell more products and services.

No one has created a more comprehensive business development philosophy than Mark.  His flagship presentation, Growing Your Business! contains the wisdom, insights, strategies, and ideas for taking a business or professional practice to a new level of success.

His strategies are street-smart, practical, and can be easily understood and accessed.  His content is driven by 16 core principles and formulas, of which, any one can have immediate impact.  When principles and formulas are integrated, an owner can create a wave of momentum that is unstoppable.

Stay tuned! I might be able to post the foreword in a few days!