Andreas Scherer

Andreas Scherer

Andreas Scherer is managing partner of Salto Partners, a Management Consulting firm that is focused on increasing its customers’ top line revenue and getting things done operationally. Here is how he uses PR LEADS to get more business:

The PR I get is used in the following ways:

1. Email and Social Media Marketing:

I send articles in which I am covered out to my extensive contact list via email.

At the same time those articles are distributed on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is how I keep my network informed.

2. In seminars on branding and networking, I use my own PR efforts as an example. Case in point:

Blog on Facebook:

Talked to journalists who were interested in IPO (this is where PR-Leads is instrumental).


This led to articles and being mentioned in:

1. The Guardian:

2. Forbes:

3. Christian Science Monitor:

Be Fast Or Be Gone

With the follow up coverage on Google and Facebook months later

4. E-Commerce Times:

5. Forbes:

6. On Apple: MacNewsWorld/ECommercetimes:

7. On Facebook (again): Forbes:



Here is what I learned:

1. You need to have a point.

2. Make it easy for your reporter: Spell out the message.

3. Be respectful of timelines. Work quickly. Be responsive.

It seems things are happening in clusters. Sometimes nothing is happening for weeks. Then it bunches up.


Andreas Scherer, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Salto Partners, LLC

Author of “Be Fast Or Be Gone”