I was going to go to the Thyssen Bornesmisaz museum for an hour, but it was so good, I stayed for four hours!

Travel writer Rick Steeves says it is a museum filled with major works by minor artists and minor works by major artists. There´s a lesson to be learned there. Think about it.

Reasons it was so good and ways to enhance your next vist to a museum:
1. Audio program. Never enter a museum without one. It really adds a lot of commentary you’d never know about that enriches the experience.
2. Rembrandt’s self portrait. First thing I saw. Major work. Major artist. Sorry, Rick. You got that one wrong.
3. I got exposed to German artists from the 1500s onward. They are very good!
4. Discovered Fauvism. Or at least liked it this time.
5. Discovered German Expressionism. It’s very good.
7. I wore out two audio programs. I guess most people don’t listen to too many commentaries.
8. Not too many tourists. They’re áll at the Prado. I’ll be there later this week. Steeves says that´s where the major art from major artists appear.

And the big reason:

9. The people in the portraits smiled and seemed joyous. Not all, but many. It dawned on me that in every other museum I´ve been in, nearly every portrait showed a person who was somber, reflective, contemplative or depressed. This realization alone made the trip to the museum worthwhile!