For me, this is the year of learning.

If there’s an interesting conference, I’ll be there. It is time to learn new things and realize that I don’t know it all. Of course, at one time, I did know it all, but the world kept on moving and I didn’t!

Here’s the twist. We’ve all gone to our industry conferences but after 15 years, it all sounds the same.

So, I’m going to conferences outside my area to see what I can learn from other industries!

You’ll see the findings of my scholarship in posts on my blog.

If you can’t go to conferences, then pick up magazines you’d never think of reading. On a recent plane trip, I picked up complimentary copies of Black Entrepreneur, Parents and the Economist. It is truly fascinating to see what is going on out there — and how it can be applied or adapted to your business.

Today’s chipping point: Read magazines in other fields, and attend conferences that are distantly related to your industry.